We sincerely hope that this winter has been a beautiful fairy tale for you. As London wakes from the snowy winter season finale we find ourselves in a spring transition. While the days are getting longer, the hearts and smiles are growing bigger by the second; we have prepared something very special for you.

The theme of the month being black capsule, we have crafted a blog that allows you a glimpse into a very immersive experience of the black. We hope that it will brighten up the remaining cold days and inspire you to view the dark with a vividly imaginative eye.

To start with we would like to reveal a few tips on how to wear black. Such a common and easy colour one may think, yet it requires a great amount of thought to make your outfit stand out from the crowd. Remember, a touch of red lipstick will pop your whole look, bringing the spotlight to your stunning self. If lipstick is a no-go, perhaps turn to the detailing, as that is where success lies. Little things such as highlighting belts or silver rings and cuffs, the choice is yours. And finally, the key may be simplicity. Black encapsulates and elongates your figure; it absorbs all gazes thus simplicity in the combination of layers, materials and styles can become a winning look.

If you find yourself gorgeously daring in your black look and wondering your evening plans, we must draw your attention one of London’s perhaps most exquisite restaurant Dans le Noir. It offers one an absolutely unusual sensory journey that is said to awaken the senses and enables to completely reevaluate your perception as you dine in absolute darkness while served by visually impaired people.

And lastly, to go with your homely evening bath, we recommend you or top favourites of this month’s for the Back Capsule theme, Diptique’s selection of black candles, scented with the most inspiring and breathtaking smells… 

We hope you enjoy our new black capsule edition and we would love to hear from you on any of our social media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest).

Xxx Elena – HOS Team