Vita clean interview

Vita clean HQ

Describe your job in a few lines? 

Kristina: A day at Vitaclean HQ always starts with a coffee and a cold-pressed juice with beetroot. We are up early and get to work right away. Sara and I manage the business hands on 360: we liaise with all of our suppliers and manufactures, we create our own ads and designs, we are very on top of our target markets, we deal with trademarking, collaborations, influencer reach outs, email marketing, curating the brand’s visual and always providing the best customer service.


How did you decide to become a team and co-found VitaClean?

Sara: We met in London and worked together at a production company. We didn’t know each other very well, but it didn’t take us very long to see that we were both entrepreneurs at heart and had similar outlooks on business. Having complementary skills sets, strong social networks, and a drive to create pushed us to quickly build Vitaclean HQ. 


What is your main source of inspiration?

Sara: Creating a sustainable business that makes a difference in someone’s life.


What’s your favourite thing about the city of Paris?

Kristina: I love Paris. I like to think I was French and lived in Paris in a previous life. I work in Paris 4 times a year now and I often visit. I lived in Montmartre one summer and it was one of the most magical times. Nothing is better then driving a vespa, sipping Beaujolais while people watching and walking around for hours through Saint Germain and Le Marais.


Do you prefer style or comfort in shoes?

Sara: I prefer comfort. I broke my foot from Christian Louboutin shoes in 2014 so I am very particular about shoes.


Can you describe a perfect fashion icon?

Kristina: Classy, elegant and sophisticated.


What are your Top 3 spots in London?

We love Soho House, Yotopia and Squirrel.


What is your House of Spring’s shoe crush?

Kristina: I'm in love with the Gigi Sky Brogues.

Sara: Gabrielle Loafers for sure!


What piece of career advice would you give to your 20yr old self?

Kristina: Focus on finding yourself and the rest will follow.

Sara: Focus on developing skills like graphic design, web design, photography.


What’s your fantasy alternative job?

Kristina: Beach bum, sorry I had to confess.

Sara: When I was a kid, my dream was to be a ski instructor.