Grace Probyn

socialconcierge london

Describe your job in a few lines? 

I’m the membership manager for Social Concierge, aka “The Bachelor Hunter”, for London & NYC’s private dating events club. I search for the city’s most eligible singles, host them at private curated parties in top venues and chat to them about their love lives.

What quote do you live by?

“I drink to make other people more interesting.”


What’s your secret spot in London?

Tramp members’ club – the plush velvet seating, the candle lit rooms, the amazing DJ sets and a members list to die for! 


Who is your fashion icon?

Alexa Chung – effortlessly cool, lives in jeans and t-shirts and totally owns the stripy tee.


How would you describe French style?

City girl chic that never goes out of style. A classic jean paired with a loose tee and a court heel. Totally indispensable.


What is your House of Spring’s shoe crush?

Gigi Pink Brogues. I’m OBSESSED with dusty pink! If I buy another dusty pink item my housemate is going to kick me out – he hates it.


What is your favourite word in French?

Célibataire – without them I wouldn’t have a job!


What piece of career advice would you give to your 20yr old self?

I’m not sure I should be giving myself advice just yet, but if anything it would be to follow your heart. It’s easy to build networks but hard to build relationships so nurture the ones that mean most to you and surround yourself with positive energy. They’ll be the ones to help guide you on your way.


What’s your fantasy alternative job?

A ballet dancer!