French Chic Touch Caroline Vosse

Caroline Vosse 

This year to celebrate International Women’s Day we’ll be featuring some amazing Madame HOS’ on our blog. All of these women are from different walks-of-life - they all have different opinions, different passions and different hopes and dreams. Not only is this what makes each and every one of them great, it’s why we chose them to help us celebrate our day.

Our first Madame HOS is Caroline Vosse. Caroline is a French blogger, dreamer, feminin(ist), believer, passionate lover of life and French style. Caroline believes that style is about self-confidence. She believes in the empowerment of femininity, and she believes in the uniqueness of everyone.


Describe your job in a few lines? 

I endeavour to give a deeper sense to style by high lighting confidence and femininity through workshops, public speaking, style sessions and articles on my blog. I really want to share a positive message to women, and maybe even start another French Revolution of style. ;-)


To you, who is your ideal Parisian woman?

Ines de la Fressange, no doubt!


What is it about her that inspires you in particular?

She's just so Parisian lol! The first thing I love about her is her natural elegance. The second, she has this amazing way to say to the world… "I'm feeling good and I'm confident". She totally seems connected to her inner femininity – and this is what I admire the most in a woman.


House of Spring believes women deserve to be seen and represented as they are - with comfortable and chic shoes. Our #EverydayMadame campaign seeks to celebrate strong women who exhibit confidence, tenacity and style in their everyday lives and professions.
We love that you believe in the empowerment of femininity! Please share with us what this encompasses for you?

You know I believe we’re living in a time of confusion. Confusion between femininity/feminism and femininity/femininity - the former being a vulgar version, and the latter an elegant one. There are a lot of different feminist movements out there (I'm ready to be attacked lol)! But I really do think that sometimes we forget - that men and women are different but also complimentary. Our strength and the differences – is what should make us proud – this is our inner femininity. And by femininity, I don't mean dressed up in high heels, a skirt and makeup - I mean an attitude, a creative energy.

I don't believe in equality, I believe in equity - which I know, is slightly nuanced. But what this means basically is the quality of being fair and impartial. So of course, I will always fight to have the same rights as men at work, the same respect... but I don't want to be a man or behave like a man. And most importantly, I do not want to be at war with men - which I believe is a concept that a few feminist movements (and I repeat "a few") spread. I do not like to see a place "only reserved for men", I do not like seeing the #metoo over-used and I do not like the over-the-top fear that can/has been created.

Femininity is becoming a worthless concept, sometimes even superficial - because of magazines etc., and this means it can be confusing and a bit overwhelming for women. We need to redefine this word, look for the deeper sense, the actual essence of each woman. It's by developing this femininity that we will definitely be more confident, spread love and change the world. I believe it’s by me getting older, and connecting with my femininity, that I really started to understand the importance of it. OMG, I have to stop, I have so much to say about it haha ;-) You can definitely see my interest and passion!


If you had to choose one of House of Springs’ shoes to rock your day with confidence, which pair would it be?

Tough choice, but for sure a pair of high heels, I'm so addicted to high heels! You do make a statement with high heels (and red lipstick) ;-). So my choice is your Nino Pumps! They are so classy, and with gold to add a touch of sparkle to my day. I would definitely wear them during the day - all in black for example, or with my favourite denim.


Is there a strong sense of sisterhood and female empowerment amongst Parisian women in your opinion?

Unfortunately, I have noticed in my life than some insecure women can totally destroy other women. But I believe in France, a lot of women feel good in their own skin and do not see the point of putting someone else down. I wouldn’t use the word sisterhood though to be honest, because in France we have quite good relationships with men also. For example, with my girlfriends, I know they are like my family; we can call each other any time of the day, talk about everything, no judgement – totally able to just say openly our opinion on any topic. It’s transparent. But sometimes outside of this, and in the worst case, if a woman doesn't like another one (for whatever reason) - she will pass by and totally delete this woman from her life - without ever speaking to her or about her again. So, overall I believe that we speak a little bit less about female empowerment, or maybe it’s just because we speak about it in another way… It's quite different, and I have noticed it even more since living in Australia - an Anglo-Saxon culture with a totally different approach between women.


What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given from another woman?

Be just you. Embrace your uniqueness and your vulnerability. In a society where we learn to always be stronger than yesterday, I believe the strength comes essentially from our vulnerability, a way to accept entirely ourselves, a source of inspiration to become the poet of our life. I would like also to say… Express who you are in the way you dress, walk, speak, consume and buy. And I would like to finish by saying that a real woman is one who practices the elegance of heart (like YSL would say). A real woman is one who is deeply kind with other women, without falling into a trap of jealousy or gossiping.