shoes care guide house of spring

House of Spring shoes have been handmade with the greatest of care and love using only the highest grade leather and suede.
We hope you will adore your shoes!

How can I protect my shoes?

Care should be taken to prolong the life of the shoes. To maintain your shoes in best condition, we recommend:
- Spraying with a protector against rain and stains,
- Nourish the leather on a regular basis using natural leather cream or a suede brush on suede shoes,
- Clean fabric and patent leather with a white cloth,
- Leather soles are porous and if you are planning on wearing these shoes in wet conditions we advise you to add sole protectors.

Do leather shoes enlarge with use?

Yes, but only in width, not in length

The heel of the foot slips out, is the shoe too big? 

Try adding a half insole (1-2 mm thick) to stop foot sliding forward. You will feel more comfort and the size will be perfect for you.
The insoles are available in supermarkets and pharmacies.

If you have any further care questions please contact us