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Scarlett Josse x House of Spring When Art Meets Fashion

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The House of Spring team love to share moments with talented, inspirational and beautiful souls whose work and personalities align with our values.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Scarlett Josse who shares our passion for the Paris meets London lifestyle. Scarlett is a London based illustrator and editor of the illustrated fashion & travel blog Fashion Climate. She has also worked with Fenwick.

We adore the stunning watercolours she has designed for our website which create a sense of calm and playful romanticism in an otherwise hectic day.

The HOS team caught up with Scarlett to learn more about what inspires her and why she loves the Parisian style.

Scarlett Josse London

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?
This is such a hard question to answer but I would say creative, silly, funny, determined and ridiculously romantic.

How would you define your artistic style?
My work has been called romantic, whimsical, different and cute. I'm pretty happy with those descriptions!

What inspires your work?
It's sort of awful yet understandable but Instagram is a huge inspiration for me. However this is along with all the other inspiration cliches like books, art galleries, museums and the age-old travel.

What interests you about collaborating with House of Spring?
Like most English women I have an insane obsession with wanting to be French. So when I discovered House of Spring on Instagram, I instantly fell in love with the beautiful shoes and the coming together of my two favourite cities.

What is your favourite style of shoe in our collection? 
It has to be the Portobello Bow Loafers yet they are closely followed by the Vivi Sandals. Chic and chic again!

As you know our shoes are inspired by the mix of Parisian and London style. What do you love most about the Parisian look and the London one?
The Parisian look is that effortless, borderline just got out of bed, sexy style that I and I think every woman secretly wants. London's style is definitely more known for its individuality, and that's something attainable by all just by being true to yourself and not listening to what’s 'in' this season.
Instagram @scarlettjosse