Act like a Mademoiselle

Like a Parisian: effortless shopping on the go


If time were a garment it would be a Mary Quant – too short! But it’s not my style to complain and it’s too early to be philosophical. I leap out of bed like a gazelle - positive karma - and make a dash for the bathroom.


It’s a busy day ahead with back-to-back meetings and I’m already behind schedule by 3 hours. I don’t think I will ever get used to this pace of life!  


“What should I wear?” I have an important lunch with our lead client today so I’ll have to dress for success. But my wardrobe is looking so tired.  If only there was time in the day to browse Harvey Nichols.


Thankfully, I have my fail-safe killer outfit to hand; crepe satin trousers and silk blouse with my Louise Black Pumps, to add that je ne sais quoi!  


It’s a 10-minute walk to the station and my train leaves in 7.  Time to put these heels to the test as I gallop ambitiously down the road.  


I arrive at my towering office clutching a lukewarm cappuccino.  It occurred to me on my journey to work that I have a charity event on the weekend and my battered ballet flats just won’t cut the mustard.  Perhaps it’s because I have a shoe crush on the Gigi Nude – Pink perfection!  


Thankfully, I have 5 minutes before my first meeting to drop House of Spring a line to check if they have the Gigi Nude in my size… Fingers crossed.


I get back to my desk and I have an email reply from the HOS team in my inbox.  What efficiency!  They have the shoes in my size and one of their stylists will hand deliver them to my office tomorrow – Oh la la!  Now that’s what I call service.

Next day …


I find the HOS stylist sitting patiently in our reception with an effortless elegance.  I try on the shoes and it’s love at first sight.  Not one to compromise on quality I am pleasantly surprised to find style, comfort and fine craftsmanship in one.  


I totter around the room for a bit whilst the HOS stylist reels off various outfit suggestions which will compliment these soft suede beauties and a few minutes later my credit card has been swiped and I’m the proud owner of these chic new brogues.


I get back to my desk and I’m on a high as I show off my new shoes to my team. I still have time to prepare for my next meeting!