Act like a Mademoiselle

The Parisian Fantasy... Her Style

The Parisian Fantasy... Her Style

We always want to copy her style and her « je ne sais quoi », but the Parisian girl has some essentials rules you will need to follow.

What you will find in her closet:
- A beautiful designer bag. She tends to stick with black but always has fun with texture and details.
- An amazing pair of shoes that match the French chic with the London style. House of Spring shoes will do the trick.
- Black, white and grey. And maybe nude.
- A blazer that can go with any outfit.

What you will never find for sure:
- Sky high pumps. Never comfortable and always over stated.
- Running shoes. The only trainers tolerated are Adidas Original and fluorescent Nike.
- Logos. You are not an advert on Times Square.
- Sweatpants. Except for your gym club – and even then, leggings are recommended. 

To sum up, her favorite outfit is a Burberry trench on a Dior oversized white shirt with a pair of skinny black jeans. And of course a lovely pair of flat shoes to run errands in Paris.

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