Like a Parisian: effortless shopping on the go


If time were a garment it would be a Mary Quant – too short! But it’s not my style to complain and it’s too early to be philosophical. I leap out of bed like a gazelle - positive karma - and make a dash for the bathroom.


It’s a busy day ahead with back-to-back meetings and I’m already behind schedule by 3 hours. I don’t think I will ever get used to this pace of life!  


“What should I wear?” I have an important lunch with our lead client today so I’ll have to dress for success. But my wardrobe is looking so tired.  If only there was time in the day to browse Harvey Nichols.


Thankfully, I have my fail-safe killer outfit to hand; crepe satin trousers and silk blouse with my Louise Black Pumps, to add that je ne sais quoi!  


It’s a 10-minute walk to the station and my train leaves in 7.  Time to put these heels to the test as I gallop ambitiously down the road.  


I arrive at my towering office clutching a lukewarm cappuccino.  It occurred to me on my journey to work that I have a charity event on the weekend and my battered ballet flats just won’t cut the mustard.  Perhaps it’s because I have a shoe crush on the Gigi Nude – Pink perfection!  


Thankfully, I have 5 minutes before my first meeting to drop House of Spring a line to check if they have the Gigi Nude in my size… Fingers crossed.


I get back to my desk and I have an email reply from the HOS team in my inbox.  What efficiency!  They have the shoes in my size and one of their stylists will hand deliver them to my office tomorrow – Oh la la!  Now that’s what I call service.

Next day …


I find the HOS stylist sitting patiently in our reception with an effortless elegance.  I try on the shoes and it’s love at first sight.  Not one to compromise on quality I am pleasantly surprised to find style, comfort and fine craftsmanship in one.  


I totter around the room for a bit whilst the HOS stylist reels off various outfit suggestions which will compliment these soft suede beauties and a few minutes later my credit card has been swiped and I’m the proud owner of these chic new brogues.


I get back to my desk and I’m on a high as I show off my new shoes to my team. I still have time to prepare for my next meeting!   


Dress like a Parisian: Paris street style

Everyone knows that Paris is the world fashion’s capital but not everyone knows that it’s off the catwalks that you get the best style inspiration.

We’ve sneaked into Paris street-style history to spot the outfits which will dress you like a Parisian. The fashion secret? Keep it simple, play with texture and shapes.

See down here how to recreate Paris standouts’ iconic outfits.


Audrey Hepburn paris

Here, a casual-chic outfit worn by Audrey Hepburn in a picturesque Montmartre. You can actually spot the Sacre Coeur on the background ;)

The Funny Face’s (1957) outfit is ideal for who loves sticking to relaxed fits and don’t dare too much. A total-black combination, of a turtleneck sweater and flat leather shoes, is enriched by a classic tan trench coat.

Keep the outfit fresh wearing an old fisherman-style raincoat, as Audrey’s, and House of Spring’s Portobello Bow Loafers, in black patent leather.

The lesson here: stick to neutrals, embrace flats.


Laetitia Casta

Laetitia Casta makes a statement of a simple and iconic little black dress wearing a white middle-length blazer on the top. No accessories needed, the “effortless” look is completed by a pair of stiletto.

Edit the look combining a little white dress with our daring pumps in black suede or, for an eccentric touch, our oceanic blue pumps.

The lesson here: Don’t overload your ensemble with too many pieces


Blake Lively

Belle de jour is Blake Lively in her bright green outfit walking along La Seine.

The summer wardrobe staple, a straw bag and hat, is revitalised by an ankle-length dress in loud hues.

Make an American in Paris’ look more metropolitan combining a snake leather effect clutch bag with our Riad sandals in tan calf leather

The lesson here: Look chic yet nonchalant

Plan your trip: City guide in Paris and London


Ever wanted to visit fashion's most important cities?

Summer is the best time. Do pack your oversized bag and follow our city guide for fashion pilgrims.

After all, Paris and London have lot in common. They’ve not only inspired House of Spring shoes collections, they’re not only connected through the Euro tunnel but,also, they’re the secretly desired destination by many fashion addicted.


Famously known as the fashion capital of the world, Paris has long been a synonym of style, beauty and sophistication.

It’s hard to get there and not filling your wardrobe with some oh-so-stylish French pieces.

If you can’t afford the glittering hush of Avenue Montaigne, Paris offers some spots where you can still find genuine bargains. Le Marais district is the answer for affordable boutiques and new designer brands. And, if you fancy watching a fashion show, Galeries LaFayette host free of them every Friday during the spring.

End the shopping tour sunbathing on along the Seine with a glass of wine and a macaroons box. 


London peonies


London showcases eclectic brands and offers shopping alternatives for all the budgets.

If you love to discover unique designer brands, a stroll down Brick Lane or Portobello market is a must-to-do. Here, you can find gems at a bargain price.

And, you might wear our loafers to fit the neighbourhood style.

If you want to know the latest fashion trends, you might be lucky in attending a free talk or workshop at the several London fashion colleges.

And to finish the day in style, go to the Heron Tower rooftop to discover a wonderful view of London.

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How to act like a Parisian?

This is how Chloe, a Parisian career woman working in the City, confessed us to face her busy daily agenda making any outfit work with one pair of shoes.

how to be parisian wherever you are

7:00 AM

Though a Parisian girl is always open to new challenges, I would never get used to this early alarm.

7:10 AM

My busy day schedule pushes me out of bed: a business breakfast and a team-building lunch with my new colleagues are waiting for me in the City. Afterwards, I won’t miss the weekly yoga class with my bestie and a romantic dinner with my fiancé.

7.30 AM

“What to wear?” I wonder when drying my hair after a cool “wake up” shower.

I’ll opt for my versatile black tailleur which elegantly matches with that bow neck blouse. After all, being a Parisian means keeping evergreen key pieces in your wardrobe and never getting tired of them.

8:00 AM

Ready to go. Actually not!

My outfit isn't completed without my Azur T-bar sandals in soft tan suede. I love that fringe on the back that will add a bohemian and dynamic touch also to the simplest outfits.

9:30 AM

Heading to have an ambitious breakfast, the new investors seem to be marathon runners. Luckily, my House of Spring high-heels support my Parisian feminist spirit in walking as fast as them.

1.30 PM

I’m extremely glad that the attention caught by my sandals makes the conversation during the lunch break easier.

4:00 PM

A call from those “marathon runners” investors has just made my day. Another business deal is done! I’ve to thank my comfy shoes if they didn't see me walking as a hobbling hunch-back.

5:00 PM

Time to clock out. And, because a real Parisian girl believes that you shouldn’t refrain from things that please you, in only forty minutes I’ll get to the gym 

7.00 PM

On the way back from a patisserie (…Yes, I had to get a tarte tatin for my boyfriend!) my shopaholic spirit is intrigued by a new boutique in Kings Road.

7.20 PM

Few minutes for handing over my credit card and getting a new pair of boyfriend jeans. Oops …I might be a little late.

7:50 PM

Avoiding to slip on a wet floor and making fall my tarte tatin upside down (…Bloody rain!), I’ve finally got home.

8:00 PM

Not enough time to decide what to wear. I’ll go for the new pair of jeans. In the end, Parisians do believe that to be sexy there is not need to show too much.

8.20 PM

Ready for my romantic dinner, I’m surprised of how my T-bar sandals add some chic to my boyfriend jeans.

And,somehow, after the crazy day I’ve had, my feet aren’t the least bit sore.

Everything you need to do now is following Chloe’s Parisian tips to seize your day and wearing House of Spring shoes to not make a killer of your high-heeled life.

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The Parisian Fantasy... Her Style

The Parisian Fantasy... Her Style

We always want to copy her style and her « je ne sais quoi », but the Parisian girl has some essentials rules you will need to follow.

What you will find in her closet:
- A beautiful designer bag. She tends to stick with black but always has fun with texture and details.
- An amazing pair of shoes that match the French chic with the London style. House of Spring shoes will do the trick.
- Black, white and grey. And maybe nude.
- A blazer that can go with any outfit.

What you will never find for sure:
- Sky high pumps. Never comfortable and always over stated.
- Running shoes. The only trainers tolerated are Adidas Original and fluorescent Nike.
- Logos. You are not an advert on Times Square.
- Sweatpants. Except for your gym club – and even then, leggings are recommended. 

To sum up, her favorite outfit is a Burberry trench on a Dior oversized white shirt with a pair of skinny black jeans. And of course a lovely pair of flat shoes to run errands in Paris.

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